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"Crack Me If You Can" - DEFCON 2011
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Team 16Crack

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Active Members 1
Name Brad Tilley
Software 16Crack
Hardware One 6-core CPU

16Crack Software

16Crack was the only software I used. I wrote it myself. It's hobby software not currently available for download. It ran on one AMD CPU that has six cores, for roughly 30 hours of cracking. It is a CPU-based, fully multithreaded password hash cracker that focuses on common consonant vowel patterns (CVCCVC, etc).


16Crack cracked 50,431 passwords (KoreLogic counts this as 51,768... not sure why). [We think there were duplicates in some of the challenges, giving 16Crack some extra credit.] I'm pleased by 16Crack's performance. Only four teams cracked more hashes than I did so 16Crack placed 5th in terms of sheer number of cracks (although I was not ranked that high because of the weighted scoring system). Not bad for a one man team with one CPU using homemade software.


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